Consumers beware of internet and phone scams. We have received numerous

complaints about phone and internet scams, the most recent being a

mystery shopper scam. It involves a request to mystery shop Western

Union. The group, who represents themselves as different companies,

will send fraudulent money orders and ask you to deposit them into your

account. After doing so, they tell you to keep your portion and

withdraw the remainder to send to different locations via Western Union.

They provide you with names to send the money to and advise that the

process will rated upon completion. The groups originate out of the

country and have runners here to pick up the money. By the time the

money order comes back fraudulent, they have moved on and the victim is

left to pay back the bank. If anyone requests you to deposit a check or

money order and then withdraw a portion to be sent elsewhere, it is more

than likely a scam. Another common scam involves being contacted in

regards to winning money or gifts. You are told in order to receive

your gift you are required to pay the taxes up front. Most of the scams

originate out of other countries and make it virtually impossible for

local Law Enforcement to investigate. We hope that this information is

helpful and that consumers protect themselves by verifying any

transaction. Anyone who has been a victim of a recent scam is urged to report the

 information to the Attorney Gernal Department of

Criminal Investigations and the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection.